Algérie Résistance

Nabila Slimi

Maître Nabila Slimi. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You are a lawyer and you are a member of the group of lawyers defending Dr. Ali Ghediri, a former candidate for the September 2019 presidential election in Algeria, whom I interviewed in April 2019. Why is Dr. Ghediri in prison? What is he accused of?

Maître Nabila Slimi: Dr. Ghediri has been incarcerated in El Harrach prison since June 13, 2019 on two charges, the first of which is treason and espionage. Indeed, Dr. Ghediri is accused of complicity (with a main defendant who is a certain H.G., former president of a political party) and for having delivered to a foreign power or its agents in any form or by any means whatever, any information, thing, document or process which must be kept secret in the interests of national defense or the national economy. This charge is cited and punished by the death…

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